Reachout Communities for Christ (RCFC) is a faith based non-profit organization Reg.No.S/N 5198; it was formed after an aspiration to serve communities from its founders, Felix Kabuye and Mark Turpin who had previously been involved in community work through charity organizations, serving as a volunteers. They had witnessed so many people facing challenges in life, some of which would be addressed by encouraging them to live Christ centered lives. Therefore in this organization the promoters are bound together by a dire need to spread the gospel alongside enhancing human welfare using a socio-spiritual approach.


The organization is offices are located on Plot #3,15th Close, Namuwongo Rd in Kampala, Uganda with coordinating offices in areas of operation.


Spreading the gospel while enhancing socio-economic development of communities.


We envisage empowered communities able to effectively function spiritually, socially and economically.